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The Life and Times of Clyde Kennard

This biography shares the forgotten history of Clyde Kennard, a man who used his desire for education to challenge institutionalized segregation in Mississippi after being denied admission.


For many, Clyde Kennard’s attempt to enroll at MSC is viewed as the first serious attempt to integrate any public school at the college or higher level in Mississippi. This book tells the compelling story of his attempt to enter MSC, placed in the context of the key events that shaped his world and the times, traditions, and culture of his environment.


In later years Clyde Kennard’s journey would virtually be completely overshadowed by James Meredith’s Ole Miss admission, but Clyde Kennard’s story is no less significant and perhaps of greater importance than Meredith’s, as it was Kennard’s journey that informed Meredith’s strategy for his own enrollment attempt at Ole Miss.


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Cyrus Webb Amazon

“It’s not just about what a man did in his own life, defying the odds and doing his part to make a difference. It’s about what Clyde Kennard stands for that makes this book shine. We’re able to go back in history and see that outside of the names we are familiar with there are those who also deserve to be recognized for their part in making the current state of the world possible. I also like the fact that King shows how others fought to make sure that Clyde Kennard was remember as a hero and not as a footnote, something that should strike us all when it comes to doing out part to make sure these stories are told and known.”