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Clyde Kennard’s life is an uplifting and inspiring story of perseverance, of hardship and of committed determination to right wrongs.

As part of his admission attempt Kennard wrote a series of eloquent letters published in his local newspaper, the Hattiesburg American, in which he declared his love for the state and reasoned that allowing one Negro to enter a state institution quietly was a better outcome for the state than the federal intervention in Arkansas with the adverse national and international publicity that had followed.

Join Clyde Kennard on his journey; share his experiences; be inspired, as others have been,  an inspiration that continued to influence over four decades later.   To order this book simply click the order a copy now button below.

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“A detailed, scholarly book that gives the reader a level of understanding beyond that of many non-fiction history books. The author’s writing style is approachable yet authoritative, giving an excellent insight into an important time in US Civil Rights history.


Aside from the background information, which helps to set the context, Clyde Kennard’s story is inspirational and sobering in equal measure. An excellent book.” D.B. Carter